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Decision Point
by Joe Aylor on April 12th, 2019
We’ve arrived at the epic conclusion of the greatest story of our faith – the crux of Christianity.   Read More
The Grave Mistake of Not Listening to Your Wife
by Lee McDonald on April 5th, 2019
Every time I read through the Bible I see something new. Sometimes I glean really important, life-changing truths from it and sometimes it reaffirms the things that I already know.  Read More
When Christians are the WORST
by Lee McDonald on March 29th, 2019
Let’s be honest about something for a minute, shall we? Christians really are the worst sometimes.   Read More
A Wasted Life
by Lee McDonald on March 22nd, 2019
Stephen Hawking was arguably one of the smartest men who has ever lived. Even though he was diagnosed with a rare form of ALS when he was 22 and spent most of his life confined to a wheelchair, unable to talk, his mind didn’t surrender until his body did just a year ago at the age of 76.   Read More
The Sleepover Theologian
by Lee McDonald on March 15th, 2019
It was around 2am, and I was engrossed in conversation with my friends; our heads leaned in close and piles of pillows and blankets scattered around us on the floor.   Read More
A Gorgeous Trash Can
by Lee McDonald on March 1st, 2019
It’s so hard to think of how to apply Matthew 23 to my everyday life...on opposite day!   Read More
What Internet Comments Taught Me About Sadducees
by Lee McDonald on February 22nd, 2019
A running blogger that I have followed for years recently shared a rather in-depth post about her faith that I found fascinating.  Read More
More Lessons from Layla
by Lee McDonald on February 15th, 2019
My daughter, Layla, turned one this week . I’ve been reminiscing on all we’ve been through this last year: 53 day NICU stay, 3 major surgeries, 10 smaller procedures, months of physical and speech (for feeding) therapy. Couched in between each of those stats is the countless list of ways that God has showed up for us.   Read More
The Eleventh Hour
by Lee McDonald on February 8th, 2019
The “eleventh hour” is one of those idioms that feels like it has always existed in public consciousness. Seriously, hop on Wikipedia for two seconds and just see how many movies, books, shows, songs and albums use it as their title.  Read More
Into His Arms
by Lee McDonald on February 1st, 2019
In this week’s Scripture, Jesus tells His disciples to “let the little children come to Me.” Imagine for a moment that you are busy with the day’s routine tasks when you hear that Jesus is passing through your village. You cannot miss this opportunity.   Read More
Touched by an Angel
by Lee McDonald on January 25th, 2019
As Jesus approaches the cross, we see a shift in the urgency of his teaching. He seems more intense than before. I believe He senses his imminent and impending fate.  Read More
Two Ways I Hurt People, According to Matthew
by Lee McDonald on January 17th, 2019
Is this a safe place to talk about my failings? I’m going to assume it is as we’re in the second semester of The Table, and I can be completely honest with you all.  Read More
The Feeding of the 4,000 that No One Remembered
by Lee McDonald on January 11th, 2019
In this week’s reading of Matthew 14:1-16:12, Jesus miraculously feeds the 5,000 from 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. We ALL know that story from church preschool. But did you notice He also feeds a crowd of 4,000?  Read More