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Awana Grand Prix is just around the corner!

You can buy any BSA approved car kit from Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Amazon. While it must meet the official MBC Awana rules, there are plenty of options to make your car great! 

Build a car workshop - Feb 17th 1pm - 4pm

Registration / Car Check in - Feb 23rd 6pm-8pm

Race Day! Sparks 9:30am / T&T 10:45 (directly after Sparks) 

MBC Awana Grand Prix Rules

  1. Maximum car size, including wheels, may not exceed 7" long by 2 3/4" wide
  2. Minimum width between the wheels shall be 1 3/4"
  3. Minimum ground clearance between car bottom and the track shall be 3/8"
  4. All cars shall be weighed in on the same accurate scale. Each car may not exceed 5oz (142 grams), total weight. Metal or wood weights may be added to achieve maximum racing weight.
  5. No wheel bearings, bushings, springs, starting devices, loose or moving weights or parts are allowed.
  6. Only BSA approved wheels are allowed. Wheels and axles can be polished, but cannot be turned down or modified in any way. Wheels must ride on nail style axles only.
  7. If a race is interrupted by collision or other interference, the race will be rerun. After the second interruption of the same race by the same car, the interrupting car shall be declared the loser of the race (unless the track is at fault.) Interrupted races shall be rerun on the same track lanes.
  8. Cars damaged during the derby may be repaired to their original inspection status at a supervised repair table. No lubricant or weight may be added, and a race official must examine the car before continuing to race. Interchanging races to accommodate quick repairs is permissible. 
  9. Cars may not be lubricated (graphite or other) in the race building. Lubricant may not be used after cars are registered.
  10. Registered cars removed from the race site will be disqualified.
  11. The decisions of the judges are final.



1. Q: Can I use a car I made from a previous year, or a car that was made for Cub Scouts?

Yes, as long as it has never won 1st place at an MBC Awana race and meets all of the MBC Awana Offical Grand Prix Rules.

2. Q: If I cann't make it to Registration / Car Check in, can I still race?

It is very important that we have all cars checked in on Friday, Feb 23rd. If you cannot make it to registration you must make arrangements with Justin Wood.

3. What happens to my car after it's checked in?

Cars will be secured and unavailable to be seen or touched by by competitors.

4. What awards can I win?

There will be speed awards as well as best design awards. Best design award will be voted on by the kids. Any ties will be determined by Grand Prix judges.

5. Will there be any drinks or snacks?

You better believe it! We will have donuts, snacks, orange juice, etc.  

Like saving money?

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What's coming up?

February 14 - Hershey Kiss Night! Earn Hershey Kisses for every completed section

February 17 - Grand Prix Workshop

Need help building a car? Bring your kit to the church between 1pm - 4pm and we will work on it together to make it lightning fast!

February 24 - Awana Grand Prix

Sparks race at 9:30, T&T races after Sparks, appx. 10:45


Bring a Friend Options

We have many ways to satisfy the Bring a Friend requirement that is in each of our Clubber's books!

  •  Invite 5 friends - ask them to sign a paper saying you invited them to club. Give the paper to your leader.
  •  Do an outreach project such as visiting a nursing home or sending cards to the residents.
  •  Write a letter to a friend explaining what Awana is about. Give a simple salvation message and an invitation to club. Your leader should read the letter first, then you should send it or give it to a friend.
  • Memorize and recite a Gospel tract for your leader. Gospel tracts are available in the Awana office.
  • Bring a friend to church on a Sunday morning.
  • Wear your uniform to school and be prepared to explain Awana to your classmates who ask about it. Bring a note to your leader from your parent or teacher saying you wore your uniform.

Need more info?

If you are interested in being a leader, or have questions about signing up for AWANA 2017/18 at MBC, contact Justin by using the form below, or feel free to come talk to us on a Wednesday night.

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