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March 15 - No Club, SPRING BREAK!

March 21 - $$$ Triple Buck Night $$$

April 11 - Clubber of the Quarter

April 18 - Awards Ceremony (6pm - 8pm in the sanctuary)



Bring a Friend Options

We have many ways to satisfy the Bring a Friend requirement that is in each of our Clubber's books!

  •  Invite 5 friends - ask them to sign a paper saying you invited them to club. Give the paper to your leader.
  •  Do an outreach project such as visiting a nursing home or sending cards to the residents.
  •  Write a letter to a friend explaining what Awana is about. Give a simple salvation message and an invitation to club. Your leader should read the letter first, then you should send it or give it to a friend.
  • Memorize and recite a Gospel tract for your leader. Gospel tracts are available in the Awana office.
  • Bring a friend to church on a Sunday morning.
  • Wear your uniform to school and be prepared to explain Awana to your classmates who ask about it. Bring a note to your leader from your parent or teacher saying you wore your uniform.

Need more info?

If you are interested in being a leader, or have questions about signing up for AWANA 2017/18 at MBC, contact Justin by using the form below, or feel free to come talk to us on a Wednesday night.

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