A Romans 12 Church

When the Elders, months ago, shared their collective vision of MBC becoming a Romans 12 Church, I got excited about a rallying point for our body that is a great next vision beyond Love God, Love Others. However, the more I have studied and reflected on Romans 12 as a model for MBC as a church I have grown in my excitement and enthusiasm for this incredible text and the application of it to a multitude of areas at the church and beyond.

First, the reality of transformation speaks to both the individual and to the church as a whole. As I commit to becoming a transformed life by thinking the way God thinks, then I am open to how the Holy Spirit has gifted me and desires to use my gifts, talents, skills and resources. The more I think this way, the more I will act this way and the more transformed I will become. This is a work the Lord desires for all of us that will transform the church and the world around us.  

Second, the opportunity for everyone in the body to recognize that they are part of the whole body of Christ with gifts to offer and to have the charge to use those gifts is thrilling. To see what the Holy Spirit will do through each of us to impact the Permian Basin and beyond as partners in the gospel will be something to be spectacular to watch and to participate in. As I have been teaching one of the Mission Partner classes one of the potential partners said in response to “all members are ministers”, “we came to the church several years ago and it seems as if we are already doing this.” She is absolutely correct in that many are walking in their gifts and ministering well, but what Romans 12 does is give us the biblical basis and the application for every one of us to be involved in this kingdom work. 

Third, Paul’s description of what love looks like in transformed lives reflects the truth of Jesus’ commandment to love one another as He has loved us. When we strive together to love one another in the church, transformation takes place in the church. When we strive to do this beyond the church transformation takes place there too. A Romans 12 Church is one committed to transformation in the individual and in the church, so that through using our gifts and loving one another well we give the Holy Spirit room to transform the world around us. What a fantastic vision to strive for and to be part of together! 

Mark Rae