Mission Partner vs. Membership

Wait, so what is the difference between membership and Mission Partner?

It is important for people to be involved with a larger group that is up to something bigger that they can be a part of. The goal of Mission Partner is to be as inclusive as possible while strategically partnering, equipping and enabling people to minister to the world around them . Being a Mission Partner simply means you have trusted Christ as your Savior, you see the benefit in being in community with other believers, you realize God has gifted you to serve, and you recognize you should steward whatever resources God has blessed you with well. 

Membership typically says you have to believe exactly what we believe. Mission Partner recognizes the common ground we rally around is Christ.

Membership typically says you should commit to attending the church you are a member of. Mission Partner values that God has created a huge network of churches that are not limited to a single geographic location.

Membership typically says you should serve at the church you attend. Mission Partner understands God has given you unique gifts to serve the body of Christ, whether that is at MBC or anywhere else on the planet.

Membership typically says you should give the church your tithes and offerings. Mission Partner values the way God has moved you to steward all things He has given you.

Membership is not a bad thing, and serves many churches well. Here at MBC we want to be up to something different. We want to be a Christ-centered family that sees people in the Permian Basin loved, saved, healed, discipled, and ministering both here and beyond, and recognize God can be about that in many ways through many different avenues!

Justin Wood