What does it take to become a Mission Partner?

The answer to this question is beautifully simple. The two steps to become a Mission Partner are outlined below.

Attend MBC Overview Sessions

We believe that in any healthy partnership, whether it be of business or personal nature, the first step that must be taken is one of familiarity. In order to help our potential partners understand who we are and where we are coming from, we have put together sessions that provide an overview of five ways we believe MBC is distinct. These sessions will be offered in a myriad of venues by various facilitators all with a singular goal in mind; to introduce potential Mission Partners to MBC. It also provides us the opportunity to become acquainted with our potential partners, aka you! The purpose of these sessions is not to outline the belief requirements for mission partnership, as you’ll see in the next step.

MBC Partnership Agreement

Once you have a better understanding of MBC and its philosophy, whether you fully agree or not, we hope that you will commit to partnering with us as we become a Christ-centered family that sees people in the Permian Basin loved, saved, healed, discipled, and ministering both here and beyond. There are four things that Mission Partners are asked to commit to:


1. I have trusted Christ as my Savior.

2. I commit to stewarding well the resources God has blessed me with.

3. I commit to serving according my gifting for the edification of the Body.

4. I commit to being involved in community with other believers.

That is all that is being asked. There are no other strings attached and no fine print. If you are willing commit to these four things, then you are a Mission Partner.