The Monster of Change

Lee McDonald
Change is difficult for me. I balk at it and question its necessity in my life. But, try as I may to avoid the elephant it becomes in the room, I inevitably succumb to its grip and realize in the end that the “monster of change” I tried so hard to fight — sword wielded, legs kicking and screaming — ultimately brought good through hard.

My husband, Luke, lives by a particular mantra, “Do hard things.” Sure, change is hard, but he ain’t scared! He likes change, embraces it even. Meanwhile, I’m in the corner crying; stress paralyzed and fearing all of the imaginary (and totally realistic) negative consequences this so-called “good move” is going to bring. (They say opposites attract.) Luke is not deterred by my distress (emphasis on stress); however, and once I have calmed down, he can logically and systematically convey to me why the “good move” is indeed a good move. Does it mean, throw all caution to the wind and jump right in? Sometimes. But, more often than not, it means a slow and steady willingness to move forward with an open hand toward the new and different, embracing the change together.

We have been in a few slow fades of change, transitions if you will, for quite some time now. We have been moving forward with an open hand. Even though we are still in the midst of change, and there are still days of anxiety and frustration, I have been able to see God’s grace and goodness in and throughout, and we’re excited and hopeful for what is to come. Philippians 4:4-7 has considerable impact and necessary implementation during this time, but really always.

To quote one of my favorite bands, Lake Street Dive:

Change is comin', oh yeah

Ain't no holdin' it back

Ain't no runnin'

Change is comin', oh yeah

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