Peter's Denial - Ours, too?

Kristal Kidd

The cross of Christ is the central theme for all believers. This Sunday, we will have the opportunity to revisit the story of Peter's denial. Many of us can see how we are more like Peter than we would like to admit.

When Peter denied Jesus, he disassociated himself from Christ.  "Deny" in this sense means to affirm that one has no connection with a person.  Peter denied that he knew Christ…. Three times!  He walked with Christ, talked with Christ, and these things required spending time with Christ.  Then, Peter reports having no connection with his Lord?

Peter WAS sincere when he made the promise not to deny Jesus, but Peter found that he was weak.  He was proud, boastful, over-confident, and self-assured (Matthew 26:31-35).   He was spiritually lazy and did not watch and pray (Matthew 26:36-46).  He was zealous for the wrong cause, a physical fight (Matthew 26:47-56).  Finally, he was cowardly and did not follow Jesus closely (Matthew 26:58).

We have moments of denying Jesus, too.  We may give in to peer pressure and go along with the crowd.  Maybe we don't mention Jesus when controversial or worldly issues come up.  We pity ourselves during rough seasons.  We, too, pray less, think too highly of ourselves and fight for the wrong causes.

Thankfully, Peter did not remain in sin!  Peter was restored and did great things for the Lord.  This is good news for each of us too.  We serve the all-knowing God of Redemption.   AMEN!
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