BAHOP: My Prayer Life

Shirley Pilster Daniel

David and I moved to Midland a year and 2 months ago from Tucson, AZ and 20 years before from Madison, WI…We have been on a journey, and that includes our prayer lives.  I will address mine here:

It began more than 50 years ago with an intimate knowledge of Jesus my Lord and friend and savior and I would pray and talk with him in long quiet times (mostly when my baby was sleeping).  This was sweet precious time of feeling His love for me.

I then got connected with a small ‘prayer’ group of ladies of different Christian beliefs and different ways of praying.  We would gather and pray together holding hands and it became clear that together we had more power and authority.  We saw changes in our lives. I started to get to know God as my Papa Father and pray in deeper ways.

In the years following, I joined a church that believed in the power of prayer; and in our church services, we would have very dynamic prayer and worship times.   During these years I walked daily with my Sheltie and my Praise and Worship Tapes and music became a very meaningful part of my prayer life.  This time also ushered in a deep knowing of the Holy Spirit and His power.  These 3 parts of my Lord have only grown in my life and my prayer life.

When I moved to Tucson and joined another praying church we opened Prayer/Healing Rooms where we prayed over individuals in an evening prayer time.   We also prayed from the front of the church (like the Red Tag team at MCB).  We had a few large corporate prayer times and were very active in the National Day of Prayer and Global Days of Prayer with the community and an organization known as 4Tucson.  All of these helped people to experience many changes (healings, salvations and deliverances ) as well as the church and community to see and make changes in exciting ways – helping the homeless,  and helping the kids in some of the schools to cut back on the drugs and suicides to name a few.  We believe these things were a direct result of our prayers.

David and I pray and seek the Lord daily and pray out loud for our family (and extended family) daily – claiming blessings and healing and health that the Lord has for us all.  I have kept extensive journals of prayer over the years and done extensive Bible Studies and been an email ‘messenger’ of extensive prayer requests – all bringing me closer to my Lord on the journey that He has me on.

Lately, he wakes me in the morning to intercede for others.  Sometimes He gives me songs and spiritual songs and dreams.  He is always giving us direction and focus for our lives (that is partly how we got to Midland, Texas and MBC).  He is a good God and gives and gives and in His gifting He has given us Midland Bible Church which has been and is blessing us.  We love the preaching and the testimonies about prayer in the lives of some of the folks in the body.  Each ‘prayer teaching’ that the body has shared has blessed and given us new ways to proceed in prayer.   To this end, we are eagerly looking forward to the BAHOP prayer seminar/conference coming early September to be ‘ushered’ into deeper ways to pray and to know the Lord both individually and corporately.  We are also eager to be a blessing.
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