BAHOP: What Prayer Reveals

Brie Kennard

I once read that how someone prays reveals what they really think about Jesus. Does God sound near? Or does prayer make Him seem far away? Does it sound like Jesus might be someone you are bothering with requests? Is it formal, religious? Or does it sound like “Good morning, Papa!”

I admit and confess that most of my life I prayed with apathy… if I prayed at all. I thought, “God is God! He’ll control the universe the way He wants.” So what did that reveal about my ideas of Jesus? Ouch. It revealed that I didn’t really think that the God of the Universe, my Savior, really cares about the intimate parts of me or my days.

After I began pursuing prayer I realized how wrong I was. I began praying in a way that didn’t just consist of me talking, but of me sitting in silence and listening. My sweet sweet Lord began telling me beautiful things He saw in me. I began waking up in the morning with His holy name on my lips, excited! I began sensing Him on the foot of my bed, anticipating me waking up to spend time with Him.

My prayers at first began as requests from beginning to end. After hearing His voice pursuing me, my prayers transformed to praising Him and thanking Him for who He is. Often times, I don’t want to do anything but sit and revel in His goodness. When I do move to requests, I ask out of reverence for Who He is. My requests are made known because of His overwhelming love, grace, and mercy for me. My prayers no longer are sent to a vending machine like God of the universe, my prayers are made known to my Abba Father, The Son of the Living God, the Holy Spirit within me. My prayers are made known to The One Who sees me.
He sees you too, my friend. Today pray:
“Oh Lord show me the ways I have misunderstood You. I come for You right here and right now. Fall on me fresh today and show me something new about You. Let my praises for You forever be on my lips”
We do not make requests of You because we are righteous, but because of Your great mercy for us. (Daniel 9:18)
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