Paul's Letters: HomeGroup Resources

Paul's Letters: Resources for Individuals & HomeGroup

The Apostle Paul wrote thirteen letters that are now part of our New Testament. These letters offer fascinating glimpses of early churches across modern day Turkey, Greece, Macedonia & Italy as they try to understand and live their new found Christian faith. Identity is a theme woven through these letters.  Paul wants believers to be identified with the crucified and resurrected Jesus. He desires that we see our lives as being in Christ and empowered by Christ so that we live for Christ in the hope of our ultimate joy in heaven with Christ. As you listen to, read, and reflect on these letters throughout the fall, we pray that God would constantly impress on your heart the life altering truth that you have been crucified with Christ and now Christ lives in you (Gal 2:20). 
Check back each week for additional resources on each of Paul's letters.