Waiting in Hope

The 1 in 8 couples facing infertility no longer have to walk alone. This is a national ministry dedicated to supporting the women and couples dealing with infertility, waiting, miscarriage, loss, infant death, adoption, ect. MBC is proud to host a ladies group every other Tuesday @ 6:30pm starting January 23rd in Room A-4. For more information, go to waitinginhopeinfertility.com


Car Care Ministries

Car Care Ministries does ministry through automotive care. From routine maintenance to repairs, we spread the love of God through oil changes and hose repairs. Car Care meets once every three months on Saturday (the date is typically announced a few weeks before we meet).






Fishes and Loaves

Fishes and Loaves provides meals for families in need, due to surgery, illness, a new baby, or any other situation that makes it hard to get a bite to eat! Men and women team up to fulfill requests, just as Jesus met the needs of the 5,000.

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