Prayer: 8:30am | Sunday School: 9am | Worship Service: 10:15am

Current Sunday School Classes

Fearless is four week Evangelism class based on EvanTell’s “You Can Tell It!” process: a straight-forward, painless method for understanding and sharing the Gospel fearlessly. Christians often find themselves in situations where they need a simple, easy to remember way of telling others about the free gift of eternal life offered by our Savior, Jesus Christ. In this class you will learn and practice such a method and be challenged to take your skills beyond the classroom walls. This process is appropriate for sharing with all ages, religions and ethnic groups.

Questions?  Please contact Dean Jarrett (432) 853-0678.

Join us each Sunday morning, 9 –10 AM in Classroom A1.

Austin Agnew will be leading a guided tour through the whole of scripture in one year using the Daily Bible at 9am Sunday morning in Classroom A3. Each week there is optional but lovingly encouraged assigned reading. The class members will be encouraged to (via email) ask questions, share what they learned or found interesting, and what verses or passages of scripture were meaningful to them. Austin will then take those questions and comments and build a homily discussing what we read as a group in the prior week. Sound like a lot of reading? It is, but don’t feel bad about just coming to class. Readers and non-readers alike benefit from this study. 

Asking for a Friend is our "free-for-all" discussion adult Sunday School class. We call it a "free-for-all" because it is a completely discussion led class. So if prepared lectures aren't your thing, give this class a try. Held in the Conference Room at 9am Sunday morning.