All Believers are Ministers

"As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the multifaceted grace of God...
1 Peter 4:10

"All Christians are called to ministry (diakonia). Because we are followers of him who said he had come not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45), it is inconceivable that we should spend our lives in any other way than ministry or service. But there is a wide diversity of gifts, callings and ministries, and we have to discover our gifts and help others to discover thiers."
John Stott
Connect Team

Whether a long time member or a first time guest walks through the door on Sunday morning, we want every person to feel welcomed into a loving environment.

Coffee Team

Where there is good coffee there is often good conversation. Help prepare, serve, stock and be a barista at the Plaza Cafe.

A/V Team

It takes an entire A/V team to make Sunday morning technology happen. We have serving opportunities for slides, sound, cameras, video and livestream for worship and various events.

Meal Team

Serving a couple hundred people food each Wednesday Night takes a lot of work! Depending on your availability throughout the week, we have opportunities to help shop, prep dishes and ingredients, cook, serve, and plan for Wednesday Nights meals.


mbcKIDS has serving opportunities for MBC members on Wednesday Nights and Sunday mornings. We serve kids from birth through 6th grade, so we can find the perfect spot for you!


mbcSTUDENTS is all about creating opportunities for adults to disciple our students. Sunday morning, Monday lunchtime, Wednesday Nights, or weekly discipleship groups are all places we could use your help.

The Good News Club

The Good News Club is an after-school program at Santa Rita Elementary that creates a fun environment for children to learn about the Gospel. Volunteers are needed to serve after school on Wednesdays.

Let us know where you would like to serve!

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